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Thu, 13 Jun 2019

Historical Documentation Of Key Section 230 Cases
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We've been talking a lot lately about the fact that people seem incredibly confused (i.e., mostly wrong) about the history, purpose, and even language of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. No matter how many times we try to correct the record, it seems that more people keep getting it wrong. We've talked a few times about Jeff Kosseff's excellent new book called The Twenty-Six Words That Created the Internet, and, as Kosseff explains, part of his reason for putting together that book is that some of the early history around CDA 230 was at risk of disappearing.And now Kosseff has teamed up with professor Eric Goldman to create an archive of documents related to key Section 230 cases.

Learning about Section 230's history is more important than ever. That's one reason why @ericgoldman and I have created an archive of case documents from some of the landmark 230 cases: https://t.co/kP1xcqgBvv— Jeff Kosseff (@jkosseff) June 11, 2019

As Kosseff notes:
As I noted in the book, many of the filings in the early Section 230 cases (particularly from the pre-PACER days), were particularly hard to track down. In an effort to ensure that these documents are not forever lost, I worked with Professor Eric Goldman of Santa Clara University to create an online archive of many of the filings. Below are some of the key court opinions mentioned in the book, along with some of the important court filings, if available. The files from the earliest cases are largely in paper format. We plan to add these filings once they are scanned; for now, we link to the court opinions.
This is great to see and should prove to be a useful resource, especially about some of the older cases.Of course, it still won't stop some from misrepresenting the law, but at least having this information available will hopefully lead at least a few more people to understand the actual origins and purpose of the law.

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